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Animal And Dog Bites Attorney In Los Angeles

los angeles injury attorney

Animal/dog bites are painful for a lot of reasons, both physical and emotional. Obviously, the pain can be overwhelming. It can be a serious injury. Or, even if it doesn’t look like a serious injury at first, it can develop into one very quickly. You should seek immediate medical help as soon as you’re bit. On top of that, it can also be psychologically damaging to get bit by a dog or other animal that we trusted or wanted to like. When you’re injured on account of a bite, you deserve damages. A los angeles injury attorney can help. How...

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What LA Injury Lawyer Does After Car Accidents

LA Injury Lawyer

After car accidents, it can be difficult to know what to do. You’re probably suffering from an injury, confused and scared. You know you aren’t at fault. However, you do know that you’re going to miss time at work. In fact, you don’t know if you’ll be able to do your job again. Somehow, your family has to make up that money. You want to win damages, but aren’t sure about the process. That’s where the LA Injury Lawyer comes in. They can help you in a wide variety of ways get what you’re owed. First Step after Car Accidents:...

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The Best California Injury Law Firm against the Tragedy of Wrongful Death Cases

Best California Injury Law Firm

When a wrongful death occurs, it’s incredibly sad. Someone is cut down before their time due to the negligence of someone else. Nothing can make up for that. The legal system can try. Getting the best California Injury Law Firm on your side is the one chance to get survivors and family members some money. While it can’t be a substitute for a life, it can be something. It can help to pay for the bills that are likely to accrue, even if it can never be a living, breathing person.  How Wrongful Death Gets Proven The tragedy of wrongful death...

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After Glendale Motorcycle Accidents

glendale motorcycle accidents

Glendale Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. In one instant, a fun and thrilling ride can become a tragedy. As these are terrible when they happen, it’s natural to feel a sense of powerlessness. What can be in done in the wake of a motorcycle accident? In the wake of an injury, with bills to pay, everything can seem terrible. That’s part of what makes getting attorneys on your side dealing with your motorcycle crash case quickly so important. They can handle all of the little details while you focus on recovery. Dangers of Glendale Motorcycle Accidents Motorcycles are so much fun...

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Bicycle Accidents: Causes and Consequences

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents can be caused by many things. Often, the cause of the accident is not the bicyclists themselves. Riding a bicycle is a wonderful activity. It can help one burn calories while traveling quickly. For some distances, it can be a way to get away from the traffic of Southern California. While it’s fun and healthy, it can be dangerous. There are dangers associated with riding a bicycle, as you’re essentially defenseless on one. Should you be injured in an accident with a bicycle, make sure to call for medical help immediately. Bicycle Accident Causes Bicyclists understand that they don’t...

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Lyft Accidents: What to Do If You’re Injured in One

lyft accidents

Lyft accidents can be incredibly scary and harmful. One moment, you’re conveniently on your way, the next, your life might be in danger. There’s going to be a million things going through your mind when one of these accidents occurs. It’s easy to panic and feel like you’ve lost control. There are a few things you can keep in mind. That way, you can get to work on putting things right even immediately after a tough accident. Get Medical Help after Lyft Accidents You should look for medical assistance after any and all kinds of Lyft accidents. That also includes accidents...

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Did you know “personal injury” consists of all these types of practices LA Injury Group handles?

Car Accidents Trucking & Big Rig Accidents Bus & Metro Accidents Motorcycle Accidents Bicycle Accidents Pedestrian Accidents Slip & Fall Injury on City Property Quadriplegia Brain Injuries & TBI Wrongful Death Spinal Cord Injuries Animal Attacks | Dog Bites Defective Products Insurance Bad FaithIf you have been injured from any of these types of cases, you must call us today for a FREE CASE EVALUATION at 818-240-1800 or toll free 888-500-1006. Do not delay another day as it may work against you if prolonged!...

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Press Release – LA Injury Group is Formed and Launches their New Website

For Immediate Release:Glendale, Ca – We are proud to announce the formation of the LA Injury Group. This collection of experienced and passionate attorneys handle major personal injury cases of all types including car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, defective products cases and wrongful death claims.Trial attorney Benjamin Charchian will act as LA Injury Groups’ lead council. With more than 10 years’ experience in personal injury law, Mr. Charchian had dedicated his career to those who have been wrongfully injured. He has proudly been named by Los Angeles Magazine as a Super Lawyer Rising Star for 2014 and...

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Harrison Ford Remaining Calm Likely Saved His Life

As we all heard recently in the news iconic actor Harrison Ford was involved in a terrible plane accident when the World Ward 2 era plane was piloting suffered an engine failure. Ford has been a pilot for decades and has flown many different types of aircraft including helicopters. On March 5th he was piloting his 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR when the aircraft’s only engine went out leaving the plane without power. Ford was forced to crash land on a nearby golf course in Venice, California where he suffered several series injuries including a fractured pelvis, a broken ankle and...

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Utah Women Nearly Killed By Drinking Iced Tea!

A few short months ago, Jan Harding was almost killed after she drank iced tea that was mixed with chemicals. Harding drank a single sip of sweetened iced tea at Dickey’s Barbecue in South Jordan, UT and stated, “I think I just drank acid”. After investigation authorities confirmed, “A restaurant employee unintentionally put the heavy-duty cleaner lye in a sugar bag, and another worker mistakenly mixed it into the iced tea dispenser. Lye, which looks like sugar, is an odorless chemical used for degreasing deep fryers”. The restaurant quickly reassured consumers that Harding was the first and only to drink...

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