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Call California Injury Lawyer if Insurance Won’t Pay for Treatment

california injury lawyer

At LA Injury Group, our California injury lawyer can assist you if you get injured in a car accident but your insurance refused to pay the whole amount or any of the expenses related to the accident.  Our experienced personal injury lawyer will be working with you to help you out.  Personal Injury Protection  This…

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Hire a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

a bicycle accident lawyer in los angeles

If you want to protect the environment and improve your health, cycling is one of the best options. The city of Los Angeles has ideal bicycle infrastructure, designed to keep cyclists safe. Unfortunately, the number of bicyclists fatalities is quite high.  It’s essential to have the counsel of a bicycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles…

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Lost A Loved One: Contact Wrongful Death Lawyer in Los Angeles

wrongful death lawyer in los angeles

If you’ve lost a close relative because of an accident, you might want to hold a negligent party accountable for the loss they have caused to your family by hiring a wrongful death lawyer in Los Angeles. Here are four things you should know about wrongful death.   Death always comes when you least expect it,…

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LA Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Punitive Damages

LA personal injury lawyers

There are time limits in a personal injury claim. For that reason, you must hire a LA personal injury lawyers as quickly as you can. In the US, most courts will opt to punish the defendants by awarding the victim with a substantial amount of money. The courts are not typically interested in putting anyone…

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