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LA Personal Injury Attorney on Trust

LA personal injury attorney

When you’ve been through a vehicular accident (or some other kind of accident that causes a personal injury) you deserve time to recover. Hopefully, you weren’t that injured. Maybe a day or two at home and you’re ready to go right back to work; or better still, you head straight back to work the very next day. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, these injuries can linger. You deserve compensation. In this blog, an LA personal injury attorney from our firm will discuss some ways that the LA Injury Group can help your case as well as how you...

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LA Injury Lawyer on What to Watch For

LA injury lawyer

In these blogs, we often touch on ways that clients can help their case. There’s a reason for that we feel that one of the best ways we can help prospective clients is to educate them. The more educated you are, the better equipped you’ll be to deal with whatever comes your way. So, by laying out all of the different ways that you can help your own case, you’ll hopefully be able to draw upon this should you ever actually be in an accident. We'll go over some more tips from an experienced LA injury lawyer on ways to keep the...

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Make a Compensation Claim with a California Injury Lawyer Firm

Make a Compensation Claim with a California Injury Law Firm

Injury and accidents can leave you out of pocket, both in terms of paying bills that are a result of your injury, and having to take time off work in order to recover. Time spent recovering from injuries costs the US around $62 billion each year, and work-related injuries take up the most of it. For the employee, this can mean pain, suffering, lost wages and so much more. All of this can mean that you lose a significant amount of money, and need to claim workers compensation in order to pay all of your medical fees and other bills....

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Personal Injury Lawyer in LA Advice

Personal Injury Lawyer in LA Advice1

A personal injury lawyer in LA from our firm can do so much to help your case. From the moment our initial consultation ends, we hit the ground running for you. Extensive investigations, negotiations with the other side and more – we do everything we can to get you the compensation that you deserve. One question we get quite a bit from our clients is: “is there any way that I can help my own case?” it’s important to note that you should leave all the hard work to your attorneys. Indeed, that’s why you hired us. That being said,...

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Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Secrets

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Secrets1

If you go online enough, you’ll find plenty of articles about “secrets.” Then, you read the article and you find that these “secrets” are mostly just common sense. Here at the LA Injury Group, there are little known facts that many people don’t know about personal injury attorney and personal injury law. Some of these are common sense, but some of them are lesser known, which may make them feel like secrets. In the following article, we’ll lay out some information about personal injury law that you may not be aware of. Additionally, we’ll explain how we can help your case...

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Los Angeles Injury Lawyer on Honesty

Los Angeles Injury Lawyer on Honesty

Honesty is so important to a Los Angeles injury lawyer. That may sound a little bit ironic, as the stereotype of the lawyer as someone dishonest is so ingrained in our culture. However, that makes adhering to a principle of honesty all that much more important. There are plenty of dishonest lawyers out there who don’t worry about their clients. The amount of lawyers who see their clients as just a check to be cashed is absolutely staggering. That makes it all the more important that we work against that, that we are the opposite of that. When you walk...

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Los Angeles Injury Attorneys – When the Unthinkable Happens

Los Angeles Injury Attorneys

No one plans on getting injured. No one has ever woken up in the morning and thought “this is the day I’m going to be injured.” The truth is, there’s just no way to prepare for an injury. Whether it occurs in the form of a car accident, a slip and fall or anything else, it just can’t be predicted. Sure, you can do everything you can to keep an accident from happening. For example, you can be a safe driver. You can drive defensively and cautiously, but still: accidents happen. Our Los Angeles injury attorneys have put together a...

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We Would Like to Thank All of The Veterans!

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