What Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers want you to Know about Your Case

When people hear “slip and fall accident,” they often get confused as to what it means. Our slip and fall lawyer team would like to clear that up for you. Not every single time that you slip and fall and get hurt on someone else’s property does it count as a slip and fall accident case. However, there are many times when it does. So, if you should be hurt in this way, you don’t want to forgo or miss out on compensation that you should’ve received. Our experienced slip and fall accident lawyers can help you to get everything you deserve and then some.

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Explanation

You have a slip and fall case should you be injured when falling down on someone’s property when they created an unsafe condition that caused you to slip and fall. Maybe they caused this condition through something they did, but they may also have caused it through something they failed to do. Regardless, if they did something that caused you to fall and be injured on their property, then you should contact slip and fall accident lawyers after you’ve received appropriate medical attention.

Common examples of the kinds of cases slip and fall accident lawyers typically get include floors that are very slippery or wet. The floors could be wet because something was spilled or sinks overflowed and the owner never thought to clean them up. Or, alternately, the floors could be wet because they were recently washed and the owners didn’t put up a sign that mentioned wet floors. Either way, those would be cases where you should contact an attorney.

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Another example of where you could use slip and fall accident lawyers would be if you were hurt on a sidewalk that was very damaged. Perhaps it was damaged due to construction, or maybe it became uneven when nearby tree roots uprooted the sidewalk. No matter how it happened, you were hurt by the sidewalk due to something that could have been fixed by someone else. One of the things an attorney from the LA Injury Group is to help you find all the groups that you can receive compensation from.

In the case of the sidewalk, perhaps it’s the fault of the people who own the property nearest to the sidewalk. Or, alternately, it could be the fault of the local government, or whichever municipal group is in charge of the sidewalks. Figuring out who is exactly at fault in moments like this is one of the many reasons that you should have professional attorneys on your side. Navigating all of that as a lay person would be difficult, it would be even more difficult to try and figure that all out while dealing with the aftermath of an slip and fall accident.

Slip and Fall Law Firm

In fact, that’s one of the main reasons that you should hire our slip and fall accident lawyers: so you don’t have to deal with your case on your own. Recovering from an injury could be one of the most difficult things that you ever have to deal with. You could be laid up in the hospital, unable to work or return to your normal life for a period of time if not ever. Adding having to deal with a court case all on your own can exacerbate all of that, only making it more difficult.

When you’re hurt on someone else’s property, they could be liable and you could receive damages from them. However, it’s important to keep in mind with a slip and fall case that it might not necessarily be their fault. For example, the requirement is usually that they have to make sure that their property is reasonably safe for someone. The word “reasonably” is key here, as it can be interpreted many different ways. In the case of the sidewalks above, for example, the roots damaging the sidewalk example could be one where someone is liable.

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However, should there have been a snowstorm, and ice formed in a matter of moments, and you were walking along the ice, fell and got hurt, it might not meet the standard of “reasonably safe.” It could be argued, in that particular circumstance, that they didn’t have time to fix the sidewalk. To ask that they would do so much be deemed “unreasonable.” The same goes for if they shoveled the sidewalk but didn’t get all of the snow. Demanding that they get rid of all the snow could be seen as unreasonable and you might be unlikely to get the compensation you want.

This is yet another reason that you should hire slip and fall lawyers from the LA Injury Group: we have a team of investigators. We can send them to analyze everything about the place where you slipped and fell. They can determine exactly what the cause was. From there, we can make your case all that much more compelling. To use the example from above, maybe the homeowner said they shoveled the sidewalk, but our investigators discover that they did not – that’s just one example of the kind of help that a team of investigators can provide you.

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers to Help You Rise

That’s all the more important because; bear in mind, the insurance company is going to have their own team of investigators. And remember: their investigators are going to say that it was your fault, or someone not entirely the fault of the person whose fault it was. To stand up against that, to meet the insurance company on their own terms, you need to have a law firm on your side that has the resources to match the insurance company. Lesser firms aren’t big enough to do it. Here at the LA Injury Group though, we can stand toe to toe with the insurance company, fighting them on your behalf.

It’s critically important to a slip and fall case that you make sure you have attorneys on your side who are familiar with slip and fall cases. These cases are different than other kinds of accident cases. They require attorneys who are familiar with all the ins and outs of the law. For example, slip and fall cases require proving “notice.” That means proving that the guilty party knew of the problem and could have fixed it, but didn’t. That can be difficult to prove in a case. However, our experienced lawyers specialize in proving notice, so that you get the compensation you deserve for your case.

Compensation is important in a slip and fall case. You didn’t ask to slip and fall, and now you’ve been wounded, possibly for a long period of time. If you’re in the hospital for any length of time, you’ll need to make up for those lost wages. However, in some cases, people can’t go back to their prior job performance, that’s just how bad their injury was. When that happens, you deserve compensation for the money you missed out on then, too. That’s just one more kind of damages that our attorneys can help with.

Many people, after a slip and fall accident, don’t realize how bad their injuries really are. You might seem OK right after an accident, but then, a few months or weeks later, you’re worse than you realized. Injuries can just appear that were a direct result of the fall, and no matter when they appear, you should be compensated for them justly.

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