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Our lawyers will also represent you in litigation including dog attacks, wrongful death and spinal cord injuries.

I have been pleased with the work and prompt service we received from LA Injury Group. I would not hesitate to refer LA Injury Group to my friends.

My life changed after my husband fell from a defectively constructed step and fractured his skull. Because he was paralyzed, he could no longer work and support our family which he had done for years. When I called the LA Injury Group, I was hopeless because we were about to lose our home to foreclosure after his injury. Mr. Charchian put together a team of lawyers and sued the company responsible for the defective step. After a year of being in court, he helped me get $5.7 Million Dollars. I am grateful for the LA Injury Group, without them I don't know where my family would be.

I had a fender bender when I was out of state on vacation. The driver had no insurance, and my insurance company was not rushing to assume responsibility for the accident, although my coverage was paid in full. A friend recommended that I call LA injury group. I did, and that was the end of my worries. The settlement was more than enough to get my car fixed and pay my medical expenses. Everything went exactly as Attorney Ben said it would. The settlement came in just in time for me to use the extra money for a long term visit to take care of my ailing mom who is fine now.

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LA Injury Group provides the most complete help when it comes to personal injury cases. We can fight for wrongful death, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slips and falls, animal / dog bites and more. If you were injured due to the negligence of a third party, you deserve a compensation! Call us today for a FREE case evaluation.

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Our hard work and dedication has resulted in millions of dollars in recovery for our clients. But what sets us apart above all is our compassion and concern for the health and well being of our clients.